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From Difficult to Delightful
in Just 30 Days

How to Improve the Behavior
of Your Spirited Child

Turn your "problem" child into a happy child--no drugs, no therapy, no nonsense.

If you're the parent of a difficult child, you understand the frustrations of dealing with daily tantrums, tearful tirades, and other troublesome behavior. You may have even resorted to therapy or drugs. But if you follow the simple, commonsense steps described in this book, you will see a remarkable turnaround in your child's behavior--in only four weeks.

Child rearing psychologist and renowned parenting authority Azerrad . . . advises parents . . . to look at their children with a new set of eyes, in a positive, praiseworthy way, and also keep a diary of their children's behavior. Azerrad has extremely specific rules concerning time-outs and includes an "ABCD" sequence for a simple nuture response that . . . produces positive results . . .there is much to be gleaned from his approach."
—Library Journal

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Anyone Can Have a Happy Child
How to Nurture Emotional Intelligence

Help your child gain a greater feeling of self-esteem and becomes happier and better behaved. 

Does your child fight with classmates and friends, have trouble playing competitive games, have temper-tantrums, nightmares, is difficult or has eating problems? Anyone Can Have a Happy Child teaches parents how to change their children's behavior without spending time analyzing, discussing or lecturing. It shows how parents can teach their children behaviors that are the foundation of self-esteem, success, and happiness. An indispensable guide that will help children feel good about themselves.

"Readable, easy-to-understand . . .  a common-sense plan for changing a child's behavior which stresses the nurturing . . . of behaviors that contribute to feelings of self-worth, satisfaction and happiness." 
 - Library Journal

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